Friday, May 05, 2006

Meet Oskar Fischer

Time to give an old friend some exposure - my acquaintance with Oskar Fischer dates back to my teenage punk days ... and since then he studiously and stolidly works on his own peculiar solo-program.
He's always played in bands too, mostly percussion (best known of those was Dr. Moreau's Creatures), but he earns my true admiration due to his very individual style he has developed, starting back then.
While his sound is still always out of the ordinary, the production standards have improved notably over time.
Oskar worked with drum machines already in the 1980s and has upgraded his electronics regularly. In his live-performances he plays the guitar and sings.
Like in these two mobile clips from his gig at last year's ROBOEXOTICA's closing event at Arena Wien: part of Carpet Crawl (mp3), a cover from Genesis, and Crazy Train (mp3), one of Ossi's own compositions.
Talking of which i must mention my favorite: High in the Subway - i'll have to rip a mp3 soon and make it available here.

Also a favourite to ask for at shows is his version of the 3rd man Theme (original by Anton Karas).
Around 1987/88 I bought my first tape put out by Ossi with his solo-program. Since then he has published a number of limited edition cds and a vinyl, i believe.

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