Friday, June 09, 2006

Why iTunes is evil

Over at boingboing Cory Doctorow takes the opportunity of an Anti-iTunes DRM demonstrations across the USA tomorrow to sum up why iTunes is evil:

"You didn't have to abandon your CDs to switch to MP3s, [...] but if you want to go from Apple's iTunes to a competing device, ever, you have to be prepared to abandon your whole investment.
Add to that Apple's willingness to remove features from iTunes Store songs in the name of "updating," the absence of any way to give away, sell or loan your iTunes Store songs, and Apple's use of blacklists and legal threats to prevent people from adding functionality to the iPod and iTunes and buying an iTunes song starts to seem like a worse and worse deal (especially since many artists report that they're seeing $0.07 or less from the sale of their music on the iTunes Store, so all your money is doing is lining the pockets of the same recording companies that are busily suing grannies, little kids and everyone else they can get their hands on)

I have nothing to add, except that i found it pretty annoying when I was forced to download iTunes together with Quicktime (only to promptly delete it).

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